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Michele Nosari

Business Pricing & Revenue Consultant


Non Profit Leader

I leverage the same skills & tools I brought to Wall Street shareholders, to make a difference for Main Street business owners.


Breakeven Pricing

Mapped out all  expenses to create plug and play formulas for profitable pricing decisions & estimates.

Sustainable Growth

Audited systems and pricing models to implement changes that set business owners for greater bottom line results.

Successful Launch

Successfully set up business accounts and launched their business including pricing, product offerings, marketing, networking, beta clients, and their first sale

 Revenue Forecast

Created user friendly annual budgets and forecasts that include a roadmap to a sustainable business plan

About Me

Michele Nosari:

Business Pricing & Revenue Consultant

My specialty is helping businesses thrive so business owners thrive.  In my career as a Hospitality Revenue Management Executive,  I successfully drove the strategy for hotels of all sizes to price their rooms in alignment with a competitive and  top line revenue goal.

Now, as a small business pricing consultant.  I leverage the same tools I used for Wall Street Shareholders to benefit Main Street Business

I am an expert at weeding through the clutter to uncover clarity in your business plan. Create a roadmap for your business that provides clarity and give you confidence in your pricing and revenue models. 

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Featured Services:

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Contact Me

Check my calendar to grab up to 30 minutes on my calendar for a free consultation to discuss your needs and my services.  I would love to learn more about what you have going on and see if I can help you answer your next personal or business finance question.

Client Accomplishments

I am passionate about helping business thrive so business owners thrive.  I have successfully consulted with business owners for all trades from Hoteliers, Marketing Agents, Artists and Doctors to Coaches, Contractors and Retail store owners to price their products and create a roadmap to a sustainable business plan

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