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Mountain Girl with a City Problem

Financial Wellness Weekly By Michele Nosari

City drinks with the Nines team in Portland PDX

Mountain Girl with a City Problem

Even before 2020, I was used to working remotely and forging relationships online. I traveled for work frequently and fell in love with the balance of city and mountain life.

As an executive in corporate hospitality, I have been supporting teams across the country from my home base in Colorado since 2008. I loved that at least once a month, I got my city fix and could return to my home office to continue building relationships from across state lines.

DC, New Orleans, Portland PDX, and Boston were all repeat destinations. I spent so much time in these cities, I had my favorite coffee shops, and a local gym (Barre 3 is my go-to). I even got on a first-name basis with grocery store workers and bartenders. When I got home to my mountain town, I was ready to trade my view of skyscrapers for 14'ers.

The Result:

  • I fell in love with the juxtaposition of city and mountain life.

  • I got familiar with and used to building and forging relationships online long before it was cool. (Believe me, I have all the monitors to prove it.)

So what does that mean for my career change and launching a financial planning business? I am ready to connect with like-minded women from all over the country.

I am based in Colorado, and I'm ready to leverage relationships & build connections with working women around the county. If you are ready to make confident decisions in your financial plan, it doesn't matter where you are... I can help!


♥︎ My Favorite Things This Week ♥︎

Denver & Rocky Mountain Northwestern Mutual

Class of Dec 2022!

Only one more week till graduation! I am so proud to be a part of this team of amazing career changers & leaders.I have been hanging out in Denver all month studying and on-boarding with Northwestern Mutual.

I love being in the city, learning with my peers, and acquiring skills to assist more women with their financial stories.


Financial Wellness Resource of the Week

What's the difference between a financial coach and an finanical planner?

While as a money coach, I helped women negotiate a raise, pay off debt, and launch a business. Now, as I launch my financial planning business, I will be adding services that guide my clients to make confident long-term, comprehensive financial plans.


Thank you for joining me on this journey as I expand my services from Money Coach to Financial Advisor. I believe working women have the right to make informed and confident decisions about their financial well being.

I’m Michele Nosari, and I am not your daddy’s advisor.

Gratefully, Michele



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