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Money Dates & Making Lifestyle Changes

Financial Wellness Weekly By Michele Nosari Last years trip to Cali, including airstream camping, rock climbing in Yosemite, hang gliding, and mountain biking by the Pacific!

As I am studying and saving money to launch my new business, my husband and I had a "money date" to talk through what that would look like for us, ya know...financially. Over 21 years of marriage we have learned healthy ways to talk and make decisions about money. In the beginning it was bumpy. Now, we have habits and best practices we know that work for us.

When I coach couples on their day to day money choices, over and over they have told me that creating a money date habit is one of the most impactful tools they learned as a couple. Have you ever had a money date to evaluate financial priorities and check in with your finances?


♥︎ My Favorite Things This Week ♥︎

The end result of our Money Conversation was the decision to keep our day-to-day spending as close to "normal". We prioritized dinner out with friends, spending on ski gear, and not stressing about every little purchase. Instead, we have chosen to drastically cut down on fall travel that we normally take and as a way to save while I launch my new business.

So nope. No trip to the California coast or the beaches of Mexico. Instead we are settled in at home enjoying our friends and our mountain lifestyle.

#LoveWhere YouLive


The result of hard work, sacrifice, and personal growth starts out with little changes, day by day, and ends with personal transformation. The biggest result of these sacrifices will be launching as a full-service Financial Advisor by Q1 in 2023! Thank you for joining me on this journey!

I’m Michele Nosari, and I am not your daddy’s advisor.

Gratefully, Michele

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